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Monday, August 25, 2008

What do you think about the so called HCG diet?
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Friday, February 1, 2008


I’m asked every day if there’s a “magic” pill out there . . . something that’ll help shed that excess fat tissue and keep it off for good. What if I told you that there is something that’s inexpensive, readily available, safe, without side-effects, and just may be the most effective fat loss substance anywhere? What is this mystery substance? This magic pill that you’ve been waiting for? Well, it isn’t a pill at all. It’s good old water. That’s right, pure H2O. Water is without a doubt one of the most underrated and yet dramatically effective keys to weight loss and, in particular, body fat reduction. There’s absolutely no denying that drinking a lot of pure, clean water (8-12 glasses per day) will help you get and stay LEAN. Let me make it perfectly clear here that we’re talking about plain water . . . not soda (which is loaded with sugar; even diet soda is full of salt and chemical sweeteners), not coffee, tea, juice, blah, blah, blah. None of these count. Just WATER. Why is water such an effective fat loss aide? There’s several important factors: --Water seems to act as a natural appetite suppressant. In fact, people on diets who do not increase their water intake will find themselves feeling “hungry” much more often and more severely than those who do up their water consumption. One possible reason for this is that dieters are getting less water from their food, because they’re eating less food, so the body is actually craving fluid. These cravings can be significantly curbed with increased water intake. --Consuming enough water allows the kidneys to function optimally. This in turn enables the liver to become more efficient at metabolizing fat. The result is an increased fat burning capacity in the liver. --When the body doesn’t get sufficient amounts of water, it’ll metabolically shift in a defensive and protective strategy to “preserve” what it has. This can only result in a negative slowdown of bodily functions and processes. Incidentally, something similar happens when you cut fat completely out of your diet: the body compensates by holding on to as much of its fat stores as possible, thus defeating the purpose. This is why I recommend a nutrition program rich in “good” fats which promote metabolism. In addition to fat loss, drinking adequate amounts of water also has numerous other biological and physical benefits. Maintaining healthy and vibrant appearing skin is an example of one such added benefit. Bottom Line: drinking sufficient amounts of pure water should be the first step in any serious fat reduction program.
Resistance training can lead to increased fat loss. In fact, it's crucial to understand that in addition to cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, resistance training is an important element in any effective fat loss program. Muscle tissue is metabolically active in the body-in general terms, the higher your percentage of muscle mass, the higher your resting metabolism. Strength training will increase your lean muscle mass resulting in an accelerated metabolism; in other words, if you add more muscle, you'll burn more calories. And this, of course, can translate into an increase in fat burning as well. So, in addition to the other health benefits associated with resistance training-increased strength and energy, healthy bone density, protection against injury, etc.- engaging in two or three brief and intense weight training sessions per week carries the major plus of allowing your body to burn more calories even while at rest!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fitness tip one:
cardio is great for many reasons so keep moving, but if you really want to burn some fat try adding some resistance training otherwise known as weight training. Simple is best, try to stick to compound movements in which more than one muscle group is being used, such as lunges or squats. You don't have to lift heavy or for long periods of time, just strict slow movements with a comfortable weight for two to four sets of six to ten repetitions. You will be burning fat and calories for hours after your workout.

First of many

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